We are proud to partner with:


A comment-management platform that provides companies – from market research experts to business users – with fast and concise software services that transform open-ended customer comments into meaningful insights. These consumer insights, coded and analyzed across dozens of languages and through a wide range of channels, in turn inform strategies to increase revenue and enhance the customer experience. In short, Ascribe transforms words to wisdom.



Independent of your communications infrastructure, Authensis ACHAT optimises the efficiency of your customer interaction over phone, internet, e-mail and other media. Authensis ACHAT integrates seamlessly in existing infrastructures and business applications.


DataExpert Services Ltd.

A large independent company for all your operational challenges when it comes to market research. Services include scripting for the NIPO Software data collection platforms, Nfield theming and customization, reporting and hosting of surveys for Nfield Online.



Specialist sampling and panel management software for market research and world leaders in sampling systems technology. Increase the quality of panel management in market research.



MROffice offers a complete online reporting solution containing: lightning fast live online tables and charts, DIY reports, predefined reports and content management.



Focusing on audio and voice quality analysis, testing, monitoring and measurement product portfolio with in-house software development and research in the area. Being experts in Asterisk based dialers for quality testing, we have been requested to use our expertise in developing a dialer for the NIPO CATI system. The resulting product is the Sevana CATI Dialer.



Sytel Limited develops and supplies contact center software and complete solutions, connecting and managing calls and media sessions, without boundaries. Secure, resilient IP telephony and media infrastructure software that enables excellence in market research, telemarketing, customer service, collections and more.