NFS CATI 1.15 release - Extending calling rules

In our conversations with customers different scenarios came up on how to use multiple telephone numbers. We decided to start with the scenario that you think adds the most value: Enabling you to utilize 2 telephone numbers per sample record.

Some great things to know about this new feature:

  • Using multiple telephone numbers is specifically designed for use with a dialer. Without a dialer the interviewer can already select to dial the 1st or 2nd telephone number. By adding the second number also to the dialer, contact success rates will increase.
  • We allow two telephone numbers. The big advantage of using just two numbers is that the sample table structure did not have to be changed. Adding more numbers would have changed the structure, which would also have an impact on your existing processes. This new feature fits fully in the already existing setup.
  • You can track which number has been used to connect successfully. The dialer will inform the CATI system with which telephone number the contact was established.
  • It is smart. If the 'second' number of a sample record was used to contact a respondent, that number will become the 'first' number sent to the dialer when a next contact attempt on that same sample record is made.

Of course checking against the blacklist has been taken into consideration:

  • If a record has two phone numbers and both are in the blacklist, the record is rejected.
  • If a record has two phone numbers of which one is in the black list while the other is not, only the non-blacklisted number is sent to the dialer.
  • If a record has two phone numbers none of which are in the blacklist, both numbers are sent to the dialer.
  • The option to check the 2nd number against the blacklist is optional. Some customers use the sample table field for the 2nd number to call panel members and explicitly want to bypass the blacklist in this situation. Therefore this has been made a configurable item, where the default behavior is that the 2nd number is checked against the blacklist.

Version 1.15.001 can now be downloaded from the support website. We have notified our dialer partners of this new feature. These parties will probably wait for your requests before they insert this new feature in their dialers. So, if you would like to have this feature enabled in your dialer, then please contact your dialer vendor. Of course NIPO Software can provide all the technical information for your dialer partner.


Ard Bisschop
Sales and support director

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