New Useful tool: Nfield Theme Builder

On the Nfield platform, users can upload their own theme to customize the look and feel of each survey. However, many users are non-technical people who have no knowledge of CSS. This lack of knowledge is blocking them to explore the styling options in Nfield. Therefore, NIPO Software designed the Nfield Theme Builder tool.

The Nfield Theme Builder is an online tool. It provides a panel where users can change the color, font size and font style of questionnaire. There is a page preview showing the result instantly. Below a screen shot of the tool:

Click to go to Theme Builder

Some of the Nfield Theme Builder options:
  • Select preset themes.
  • Upload a previously created theme and modify this.
  • Change the settings of each element (color, size, style).
  • Add up to 2 logo's to the theme.
  • Finally, generate the theme that can be uploaded in Nfield.

The Nfield Theme Builder link above will also be placed on the customer support section of the NIPO Software website. We aim to keep the link unchanged, but should that happen then you can find the latest version in the Useful tools section.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback on this tool!


Ard Bisschop
Sales and support director

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