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Proven technology

The NIPO Fieldwork System has powered data collection in many leading research companies over the past 20 years. It is a very mature, very powerful data collection solution that has continuously grown to support the ever changing market research environment. Its CATI capabilities are unsurpassed. Every day thousands of interviewers all over the globe collect data with the NIPO Fieldwork System.

The NIPO Fieldwork System has been created by market researchers for market researchers. It has no practical limitations to questionnaire length, question texts and answer. It has the richness of features that you need for all your professional surveys. Because of its flexible setup, powerful functionality, modest hardware requirements and realistic license costs, the NIPO Fieldwork System has been the platform of choice for professional research companies for more than two decades.

The NIPO Fieldwork system supports every type of survey. The professional questionnaire scripting environment is highly efficient and will handle both simple as well as very complex, event-driven surveys that take one or more hours to complete. You can include mathematical models in the script to calculate a customer type score based on the answers to several questions or devise routing based on a score rather than on answers to individual questions. You can also use these mathematical models in the questionnaire script to automatically clean, calculate and weight data during the interview. By doing so, you can save precious time processing your data and report data directly from field.

The NIPO Fieldwork system exists of three components: CATI, CAPI and Web. It also includes a complimentary data entry solution.

Telephone interviewing (CATI)

NIPO Fieldwork System for CATI is the CATI operations workhorse in many of the leading market research companies. It can be set up in many configurations so you can grow from a couple to hundreds of interviewer seats without ever having to change your data collection platform. It is adaptable enough to meet most, in many cases all, of your needs.

With NIPO Fieldwork System for CATI you can choose to dial manually, use turnkey integrations with leading dialler platforms (see our partner page) or integrate a dialler of your own liking. Our dialler partners support all standard ways of dialling so you can run your CATI fieldwork as efficiently as possible. You can set up and manage multiple call centers on the same system. And these call centers do not have to reside in one country. Your interviewers do not even have to reside in a shared location. With our virtual call center, interviewers can work from home like they are in your office. You can allocate dialers to specific interviewers controlling the cost and quality of interviewing. Our CATI system supports both traditional telephony and VoIP.

The NIPO Fieldwork System for CATI is designed to deliver efficiency and quality to your CATI operations. The interviewer interfaces are clean, simple and fast, so there are no delays during interviewing. Once started, the interviewer can commence without any connection to the CATI server so that the interview can always continue. Your supervisors can work alongside your interviewers - even if they are in different locations.

Face-to-face interviewing (CAPI)

NIPO CAPI is our solution for interviewing on Microsoft Windows devices. Like the CATI system NIPO CAPI is fully scalable to your needs. It is operated by local and global market research companies alike, for projects both large and small. It has built-in support for all address based CAPI fieldwork methods. During the interview you can make use of a broad range of multi-media functions like play video, show images or play audio. Your interviewer can also record audio, giving coders a much richer and more accurate source of information than just the written word.

Your interviewers will never get stuck in field because there is no connectivity, interviewing in NIPO CAPI is done without any need for an internet connection. Instead your interviewers synchronize with your CAPI server for central data-storage and analysis. Your central fieldwork team is able to manage and monitor fieldwork in real-time using a broad range of management tools.

Online interviewing (Web)

NIPO Fieldwork System for Web is a large volume online interviewing platform. It supports highly sophisticated online questionnaires that can be styled to the look and feel you desire. NIPO Fieldwork System for Web includes a powerful invitation management system to invite respondents that can be linked to panel systems using encryption. You can track the response in real-time via comprehensive overviews. As with all the other NIPO Fieldwork System components, Web has extensive sample management features that allow you to interact with panels or any other type of external source information during the interview.

Data Entry

With NIPO Fieldwork System you receive a complimentary solution for data entry. The data entry client is based on the CATI client, offering a simple, clean and fast interface for manual data-entry from paper questionnaires. You can use double-punch functionality for quality control and display current and previous questions on a single screen to reduce errors.

Proven technology for data collection

The NIPO Fieldwork System has powered data collection in many leading research companies for more than 20 years. With NIPO Fieldwork System you are choosing a platform that has proved itself over and over.

Integrate with other systems

We believe NIPO Fieldwork System should not be a separate system in your operations but well integrated with all your other tools for managing the efficiency and quality of your research operations. Therefore the NIPO Fieldwork System has an open database architecture that allows easy integration with other systems.

Cost effective

The NIPO Fieldwork System will not eat into either your IT or your operations budgets. The license costs are realistic and our products are designed to protect your bottom line. Our hardware requirements are so modest that you can run our software on low spec servers and desktop machines. For CATI you can use your existing PBX and dialler hardware, so there’s no need to go to the expense of changing them. You can even run multiple call centers on one infrastructure, which means savings in software licensing and hardware costs, while still maintaining local telephony costs.

Switch interviews from CATI to Web

With NIPO Fieldwork System you are able to switch a CATI interview to an online interview with the push of a button. All modes share the same script, so you only need to create the survey once. NIPO Fieldwork System will automatically detect the right channel. Especially in business-to-business surveys you may find that your response rates go up when allowing respondents to switch, allowing you to conduct surveys that would not have been possible otherwise.

Available in your language

You can translate the interfaces of the NIPO Fieldwork System as well as the questionnaire in any language, making it easily deployable anywhere in the world. The NIPO Fieldwork System supports all of the world’s writing systems and character sets, so you can run interviews in any language, including those with right-to-left writing, such as Hebrew, and ‘double byte’ languages such as Chinese and Korean.

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