Become a seasoned professional

We offer flexible training courses for all our products. The levels of training vary, from rookie-training to expert sessions. You can choose from one of our off-the-shelf courses or we can create a custom training program that is designed specifically for your company, using examples from the projects and studies you wish to work on.

Our software platforms are designed to support many different ways of collecting data. That means our products have many options that can be configured to make sure they optimally support your way of working. That is very powerful, but not always easy. To help you understand the full potential of our products, we offer a wide range of training programs.

During these sessions we will teach you how to get the most from our software. We can also share some of the industry's best practices. At NIPO Software we support the operations teams of many research companies. This gives us a unique perspective on research operations, what works and what does not. Knowledge we happily share, if you are open to it, of course.

We offer both online and face-to-face training. The training sessions can take place anywhere in the world: at your office, at ours or at any other venue of choice. Online sessions can be scheduled anytime. NIPO Software customers also benefit from our Academy program. A free online training program designed to hone the skills of everyone working with our software.

New customers usually start with our off-the-shelf beginner courses, most of which take only two days to complete. These enable them to get comfortably started with our products. After one or two years of using our products, many customers decide to take an advanced training course. These advanced courses are less standardized and the content varies according to customer requirements.

To ensure the effectiveness of our face-to-face training sessions, we restrict each course to a maximum of ten participants. Our face-to-face sessions are very practical and are mainly in the form of ‘learning by doing’. Participants will follow working examples based on typical market research scenarios.