Data processing can make or break research efficiency

Many of the market research companies we work with estimate that seventy percent of the fieldwork efficiency is achieved not in field, but when the data comes out of field. This means that research companies can lose a lot of time and money between collecting data and reporting. With research buyers demanding fast turnaround, it is essential that you optimize your data processing as much as your data collection; maybe even more.

Data collected in field is hardly ever optimized for reporting. Before you can report on ot, it needs to be cleaned, filtered, enriched and often transformed. It is a process that can take up a lot of resources. With NIPO Software’s portfolio you have many options for processing your data.

You can consider using Nvision Script, NIPO Software’s own powerful data processing tool. You can process your data using IBM SPSS’ portfolio with the NIPO DSC. This tool automatically transforms NIPO data into IBM SPSS data. Or you can export your data into one of the many supported formats for processing in other software. In addition we integrate with leading solutions like Ascribe for coding open-ended questions.

All NIPO Software products have interfaces for automatically retrieving data from field. This allows you to create automated reports that deliver insights to your customers in real time.