Online: the new frontier of market research

Online interviewing is an exciting field to be in right now. So much is changing: new devices, new interactive capabilities, a need for shorter mobile optimized questionnaires, sample fragmentation, data fusion and much more. With so many new challenges you need an online data collection solution that allows you to work with the latest best practices for online interviewing. 

NIPO Software’s online data collection platforms are built to be efficient. Not only can they gather data from large numbers of respondents at very competitive costs, they also reduce time and effort in the setup and deployment stage. Our solutions cater to all your online interviewing needs: simple questionnaires, complex questionnaires, multiple contact surveys, panel integration, client-provided sample and much more. Our flexible solutions run either in the cloud, powered by Microsoft Azure, or in your own local data center.

With NIPO Software’s online interviewing solutions you can control every aspect of your questionnaires look and feel. You can optimize your questionnaires for mobile, tablet and PC without having to do elaborate HTML or JavaScript editing. Our software automatically recognizes the device a respondent uses and adjusts the content of your questionnaire to fit the device.

The professional questionnaire scripting environment is highly efficient and will handle both simple and very complex, event-driven surveys that take one or more hours to complete. You can include mathematical models in the script to calculate a customer type score based on the answers to several questions or to devise routing based on a score rather than on answers to individual questions.

Our online interviewing solutions can be used in in any country of the world. They support all of the world’s writing systems and character sets, so you can run interviews in any language, including those with right-to-left writing, such as Hebrew, and ‘double byte’ languages such as Chinese and Korean.

You can track the response real-time via comprehensive overviews giving you full control over your fieldwork. Our open API allows for extensive automation of tasks.