The only CATI solution you will ever need

The telephone interviewing market has changed quite dramatically over the last decade. It used to be the dominant method of data collection in the western world. Much of telephone interviewing has been replaced by online surveys. It is still a much used method for business-to-business and social economic surveys. With decreasing volumes however, call center efficiency and productivity have become much more important.

With NIPO Software’s CATI solution you've made the right choice. The NIPO Fieldwork System for CATI is used daily by over 5000 telephone interviewers from all over the world. It supports all features required to conduct high quality, professional telephone interviews and can be used in both physical and virtual call centers.

Our CATI solution is designed to grow with your business. It literally is the only CATI solution you will ever need. Whether you have five seats or five hundred seats or grow from five to five hundred seats, our CATI software gives you everything you need to profitably manage and expand your CATI business. 

Although very powerful and feature rich, the NIPO CATI solution requires only a small hardware setup, keeping your IT investments and maintenance costs low. Many of the new features that were added over the last decade were focused on increasing fieldwork control and improving fieldwork efficiency. Developments that were all initiated based on input from CATI fieldwork operations in the field; your colleagues, who are facing the same challenges you are.