Date Amsterdam Buenos Aires Hong Kong Reason
1 January X X X Happy New Year!
8 February   X X National Holiday
9 February   X X National Holiday
10 February     X National Holiday
24 March   X   Memorial Day
25 March X X X Good Friday
28 March X   X Easter Monday
4 April     X Ching Ming Festival
27 April X     King's Day
2 May     X The day following Labour Day
5 May X     Ascension Day
16 May X     Pentecost
25 May   X   May 1810 Revolution
9 June     X Tuen Ng Festival
20 June   X   Flag Day
1 July     X Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
8 July   X   Independence Day
15 August   X   Moving to the Immortality of the General D. José de San Martín
8 September X X X Company outing
7 September -
19 September
X Activities abroad and holidays
10 October   X X National Holiday
28 November   X   National Sovereignty Day
8 December   X   Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
9 December   X X Tourist day
16 December     X National Holiday
23 December   X   National Holiday
26 December X X X Boxing Day
27 - 30 December   X Activities abroad and holidays

X = location closed